It sounds too good to be true: chocolate or cocoa, eaten or drunk regularly, may reduce the suffering of millions of sickle cell disease sufferers worldwide, and even increase their lifespan.  But there's only one way to test this out for sure: a clinical trial.  

Unfortunately, good quality clinical trials cost money, and need plenty of volunteers willing to give up some of their time to take part.  A small, well-designed clinical trial such as this, run over 3 months, with around 60 participants, will cost in the region of £12, 000.  The information from this trial has the potential to help millions of sickle cell sufferers, many of whom live in areas of the world where cocoa is farmed and readily available.

This trial has been designed by Marcos Patchett, an independent medical herbalist working for Middlesex University, and is not funded by any pharmaceutical companies or commercial interests.  Without this trial it may be years before anyone from a large company or with access to big money decides to look into this.  

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+ If you are an adult with Sickle Cell Disease living in the UK and wish to take part, please read this document, and email [email protected].

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